Your Life Purpose and Passion!

Steve Jobs Quote- the Vision Pulls You“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs

Interesting isn’t it that when we are on the right track in life, we seem to have endless energy and feel alive! We become more self-motivated, innovative and courageous. When we come upon barriers to our progress, we simply divert a little but soon get back on track.

If we enjoy and feel positive about our daily activities, we are more inclined to see solutions to any problem we have, as we become less reactive to circumstance and more proactive responders. I like to refer to our ‘right track’ as our intended life purpose and passion. The type of purpose I am referring to here is one that injects you with motivation every-day, stirs up excitement, stimulation, provides challenge, growth and fuels your passion. I am not of the belief that your life purpose is some elusive one and only holy grail which if left undiscovered will cause you to fail miserably at life! Rather it is about finding the most authentic version of you and recognising the parts of life which hold more meaning than others, allowing you to make decisions based from your heart, not your head.

It is not a bad thing that positivity feeds off positivity….It’s a pretty good feeling when a life on purpose positively summons you to jump out of bed every morning! So what could you do today which will take you one step closer to igniting and attuning to your life purpose and passion?

Well first it helps to get rid of the number one ‘blocker’ to your personal clarity… after which, you can then ask yourself certain questions and give consideration to those things which will naturally reveal insight into your life purpose and passion.

So here are some suggestions how you can clear the path, so your journey begins to unfold before your very eyes!

First, take some time to get rid of the ‘blocker’ of your own clarity and creativity- STRESS. Figure out your main source of current stress. Assess your life for weak points- stressful areas that you feel like you have no control over and you find it difficult to find much pleasure in. This could be your job, (or lack of a job); it could be a romantic relationship (or also a lack of one); discord in work, family or friendships; negative feelings about yourself or your life as it is right now; resistant beliefs from you or another person in your life, which do not support where you wish to be in the future…becoming aware of these sources of stress helps to indicate areas of your life that could do with some improvement. They can also reveal areas of challenge which if overcome, may light the path for change of direction towards your purpose.

Second, give consideration to what you love to do– your interests, your hobbies, the types of books you like to read and activities you enjoy spending time at.

Third, think about your Values and issues you have a high level of empathy for often those issues that get under your skin in conversation and you find yourself defending something or someone, can provide clues to passionate beliefs.

Fourth, give thought to some of your natural abilities or even quirks or eccentricities perhaps others have indicated this to you- “oh you are such an amazing artist or photographer”; “you are such a good listener”; “I wish I had the flair for colour and design like you do”; “you have such innovative ideas”; “You are so creative with your hands”; or “You are so funny-ever thought of being a comedian?”. Remember however, you don’t have to wait to be told either- all the greatest inventors had to largely depend on their own self-belief until they proved their inventions worked beyond all shadow of a doubt- they had an enduring self belief and recognised what they felt most passionate about!

Fifth, recognise those people in life whom you admire and respect. There are concrete reasons why you revere them, what they say, their personality, or their actions. You are not so different in your capabilities, you only think you are- let them be a guiding light to evolve into the person you truelly wish to be, with your own unique self coming to the fore.

Sixth, think back to your childhood and adolescent years for clues. There may still be some dormant passion and purpose behind desires and interests you had as a young person. Sometimes we find our ideas too intimidating at that age and are not ready to launch our life on that journey yet.

Seven, complete this sentence: “If I had no possibility of failing and were guaranteed of success, I would….”

Lastly, tune into your internal compass- your inner voice which is your heart, not your head. Take some quiet time on a regular basis to allow yourself the space and private time to think, write down and reflect on the direction you would love your life to go if there were nothing to hold you back. Do not allow any negatives to stop your brainstorming, just recognise ideas and work out how you could potentially make them work later!

About Lynda Ford

An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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