Natural Health and Wellness – What do Doctors, Prescribed Drugs and Cancer all have in common?

greatnewsoncancerI have been an advocate of personal natural health and wellness my whole life.

I believe that orthodox medicine plays an extremely valuable and important role in maintaining health and saving human lives, I just refuse to accept that Doctors know everything there is to know about drugs they prescribe, or the most recommended methods of maintaining natural health and wellness.

Unfortunately, the common factor between Doctors, prescribed drugs and cancer are that they all contribute to a high number of human deaths. It is up to us to personally educate ourselves, so we can ask the right questions and make our own informed decisions of how we wish to be treated. Take a look at this article“Doctors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S, causing 225,000 Deaths every year.” You will also read how 106,000 of those deaths are  attributed to NEGATIVE EFFECTS of PRESCRIBED DRUGS!!  Take a quick look at this YouTube of an interview of Phillip Day, inspirational Author, speaker  & advocate of alternate approaches to maintaining our health, discussing his “Campaign for Truth”.

Many doctors believe Phillip Day’s approach to natural health and wellness to be radical and misguided. I believe this is largely due to his strong emphasis of our own personal power to heal ourselves and his harsh but often founded, criticism of the motivations of pharmaceutical fed Orthodox Medicine.

Who does not know someone who has had cancer (the Big C)?

In the early 1900’s the incidence of cancer was approximately 1 person in 90. It is currently expected that 1 in 2 people will get cancer…not great odds are they! Who wants a 50% chance of getting cancer and why has the incidence of cancer risen so dramatically? I believe the reason is found in our lifestyles, not just one causal factor, but a multitude- from the lack of true nutrition, over-processing of our foods and the chemical residues on foods, to the chemicals we’re putting on our skin, inhaling from our air, from our water and from the stresses we inflict upon ourselves from living in such a fast paced society.

Friends and acquaintances share stories of countless cancer encounters-they are by no means few and far between any more. Personally I’ve had first hand exposure to cancer in the family – my mother and her sister both fought breast cancer- fortunately my Aunt overcame her challenge, but my mother sadly succumbed to secondaries in 2007, a mere shadow of the strong, positive, energetic woman I had had the pleasure of knowing my whole life.

I have a personal interest in complementary and alternative cancer prevention and cures fuelled from this experience, as I discovered first hand, how orthodox medical practitioners, from GP’s through to specialist Oncologists, are generally blinded to and very suspicious of alternative cancer treatment options and natural health and wellness strategies to prevent and help cure cancer- calling most of them quackery. Is this opinion founded? Why do they often criticise treatments they have not yet committed to a thorough examination?

Doctors are busy health professionals, they do not have the time advantage to conduct exhaustive independent research on new potential cancer therapies or drugs for that matter. They depend on being TOLD what works and what doesn’t, by their own trusted medical establishment authorities, certain large Cancer Research Institutions/charities AND last but not least, the pharmaceutical companies that actually manufacture and sell the drugs themselves. Unfortunately, this selective process of information dissemination is chronically flawed and is largely to blame for the limited acceptance of some of the most empowering cancer prevention and treatment information. Doctors often point out how much money, alternative cancer treatment “peddlers” are trying to scam you into spending on their treatment regime….but what of the billion dollar industry that has now been built on the foundation of peddling chemotherapy and radiation therapy as patient’s BEST CHANCE of SURVIVAL? Vested interest is rife in this industry and unfortunately it really is a case of BIG PHARMA= BIG BUSINESS and ethics are no longer a player in this game.

To give you an example of the types of games being played, I would like to refer to some interesting facts that were exposed in 1998 in John Robbins Book “Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing”, Kramer Publications.

  • The percentage of oncologists who said that if they developed cancer they would not participate in chemotherapy trials due to “the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and it’s unnacceptable degree of toxicity” – 75%
  • Percentage of people with cancer in the United States who receive chemotherapy – 75%
  • Pharmaceutical company that accounts for nearly half the chemotherapy sales in the World is Bristol- Meyers Squibb.
  • Richard L. Gelb was Chairman of the Board of Bristol-Meyers Squibb. His other job was as Vice Chairman at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center.
  • James D. Robinson III was Director of Bristol-Meyers Squibb. His other job was also at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as Chairman of the Board.

Conflict of interest perhaps?

In Steven Ransom’s Book:“Great News on Cancer in the 21st Century”, he quotes the reflections of Dr Matthias Rath in observing big business depending on disease, not on health or cures. (Excerpt from the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998).

“Throughout the 20th Century, the pharmaceutical industry has been constructed by investors, the goal being to replace effective but non-patentable natural remedies with mostly ineffective but patentable and highly profitable pharmaceutical drugs. The very nature of the pharmaceutical industry is to make money from ongoing diseases. Like other industries, the pharmaceutical industry tries to expand it’s market- that is, to maintain ongoing diseases and to find new diseases for their drugs. Prevention and cure of diseases damage their business and the eradication of common diseases threatens it’s very existence”.

Food for thought…

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