Wayne Dyer ‘s Passing

Wayne Dyer just passed over on Saturday, 29th August- he was 75 years young.

He was a man of such inspiration, insight and projected an inner peace which resonated throughout his teachings. I only came to discover his wisdom within his books (he has written 30 of them!)and seminars in the last 2yrs and they have greatly impacted my perspective and solidified my spirituality.

Everyone comes to this Earth to share their special gifts with the rest of humanity, either in their own small ‘quiet achiever’ way or on centre stage, like Wayne Dyer did as a spiritual, self-development speaker, impacting millions. It does not matter how we do it, so long as we respect the fact we are all special and unique- which is the reason why we all have our own path to tread- and we each have a different way that we impact other people in our lives.

But the one way that we can be sure of finding our gifts to share, is by living from our heart, authentically. Not pretending to be someone we are not. Not by pleasing or appeasing others at the expense of being your true self. Everyone has their own agenda in this world and not one of them will be the same. Living by someone else’s agenda will not suit you forever. You will come to a time in your life when you recognise the burden of discontent that it is causing you and the realisation will hit you that you are living another’s reality and not your own.

Many people believe that life should be smooth sailing, otherwise when we meet with resistance or experience negative experiences, we criticise life for being harsh and unfair, or think maybe we have done something to deserve it, or failed in some way. But this is simply one perspective. Have you ever noticed that when we look back over our lives, it is the times which we have experienced the greatest challenges, turmoil or uncertainty which impact us forever and if we cease the opportunity, it will cause us to grow in positive ways we never imagined!

Wayne Dyer used to tell a story on stage in front of his audience, which involved holding up an orange in his hand and saying: “What would happen if I was to squeeze and squeeze this orange-what would be likely to come out?” The audience would always be silent at first thinking it must be a trick question…until someone would be brave enough to shout out “Orange juice would come out!” And Wayne would reply:”You are absolutely correct. And why would orange juice come out of the orange?” Once again the audience would seem unsure but curious of the point being made…and Wayne would follow on with “Orange juice would come out because that was what was inside the orange all along…. And so it is when any of us go through the pressures of life experience- what comes out of us is what is held within us all along. Why not make it a person filled with understanding, compassion and love, for who wants to share anger, fear or hatred?” Wayne Dyer had a magical way of sharing his wisdom through story telling and made it clear that to be the best version of ourselves, we must always be working on building beauty, tolerance and peace within us, so that when we move through life’s challenges we still share the best of ourselves with the world.

In Wayne Dyer’s introduction to his book “The Shift”┬áhe says: “The Shift is an invitation- both in this book and in the film of the same name, (which was first titled Ambition to Meaning)– to explore the process of moving away from an aimless life to one filled with meaning and purpose.” He speaks of the shift we each make during the course of our life where we gradually move away from ego and ambition and move into a more spiritually driven time of seeking life meaning by replacing ambition with fulfillment of our authentic self. He believed that “We can fulfill our greatest calling when we consciously undertake the journey from Ambition to Meaning. We can also transform our individual lives and as an additional bonus, influence the destiny of our sacred planet as well.”

R.I.P. Wayne Dyer. Or should I say….enjoy your next extraordinary adventure!

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An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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