Time knows the True Value of Love

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Powers of Intention are much greater when shared between a “bonded pair”, like a couple in love or even best friends.

Relationships are everything- Love is the highest vibrational state. When asked what triggered the most happiness in a person’s life, good relationships topped almost every study at Princeton that was done…it even beat money and health on the scale of importance…it seems that we are most deeply happy when we are involved in positive, caring, loving relationships.

Thousands of rigorous scientific research trials have been conducted at Princeton University to ascertain the capacity of untrained people to influence random movements of objects and machines, simply from an act of will- these trials have proven beyond all doubt a person’s power of Intention.

But of more interest to me, was their ongoing research into people who have a strong loving connection with another person- called a bonded pair – they identified that such a pair have much greater powers of intention than an individual. Infact their trials confirmed that a bonded pair can effect ‘mind over matter’ six times as efficiently…scientific proof of the powerful effect that strong, positive, loving relationships and friendships can have on your life! 

I wanted to share a beautiful, insightful fable today, originally told by Patrick Combs- Best selling Author, Entertainer and Inspirational Success Coach and it goes like this….

“Many different Values, including: Money, Intellect, Wisdom, Love, Adventure, Time and Ecstasy; were on an island when it began to sink. All of the values found a way off the island except for Love, who had decided to hold out for as long as possible. But when the island became completely submerged, Love was adrift at sea…

The other values all saw Love in peril, but Money was obsessed with the gold loaded on it’s boat; Adventure was thinking only of itself and what lay ahead; Intellect thought it irrational to go back and so by all the these values and the rest…Love was abandoned.

But in the end, Love awoke safe on the shore.

“Who saved me?” Love asked. “Time saved you” said Wisdom. “Why did Time save me?” “Because” said Wisdom, “Only Time knows the true value of Love.”

When we are pursuing success, be it generally in life, careers or business…always remember that life is about how much we have given love and made a difference in other’s lives, not how much money we have made. We will never look back from our death bed and say, “Oh if only I had made more money!” However we WILL look back and potentially have regrets about damaged relationships, lack of tolerance of others, lack of caring or forgiveness and especially wish we had shown more appreciation and gratitude for those significant people who came into our lives.

It is a well known fact that in a state of loneliness and isolation, people can become depressed, sick and even wither and die. Human beings cannot function effectively without loving connections. However, the interesting aspect to this state of loneliness and isolation, is that it can as easily apply to a person who is actually IN an intimate relationship. Most people would have experienced the feeling of being taken for granted at some time in their life? The feeling of being unappreciated or their needs being ignored? Or that their partner simply does not understand them? All of these feelings can create a sense of isolation and sadness that is as intense as the loneliness felt by someone who is in the supposed ‘opposite’ predicament of seeking out a romantic union.

One very important element to consider when attempting to either heal a current relationship OR to secure one anew, is to realise that we have to fall in love with who WE are again, (or perhaps for the first time), as when we do this, we develop certainty of our worthiness to BE loved. In doing this, we reunite with those things that are important to us, that bring us a sense of Joy by doing, creating, living. This creates a completely different energetic dynamic between two people, (either someone you currently live with or a person you hope to attract into your life), as your old patterns of behaviour are broken and you rekindle energy, positive outlook and feel a level of fulfillment which does not rely on another person, but it infact makes you much more attractive to another.

Another awareness which helps to assist heal a relationship which currently is challenged, or to surmount a feeling of hurt from a past relationship, is to understand that your ability to love is not ‘capped’. What do I mean by this? When we have reached a point that we feel as though we literally don’t have any more love to give- that we have tried hard to make things better and it hasn’t worked, it is important to know that YOU still have an endless supply of love to give, it is merely your ego that feels shortchanged and resistant to allow love to flow freely from you.  But guess what makes us feel like s### the quickest? Holding back love. It takes a lot more energy to be mad or resentful at someone, or at life for thinking it ‘gave us the short end of the stick’.

If you imagine yourself as not the creator of love, but merely a channel for loving energy from an independent neverending ‘Source’- like turning a tap on and letting water flow. Your Ego comes along when it does not feel appreciated and it says “mmmm, I don’t feel loved by you today, so I’m not going to let YOU feel loved by me either, I think I’ll turn this tap off until I get something in return”. The trouble is, the more often we turn the tap off it becomes rusty and harder to turn back on each time, or the ‘valve’ starts to cease up, so it takes longer to open and for the water to start to flow even when the tap has been turned back on for a little while. The power of maintaining the flow of love in confronting relationship issues, is that it encourages us to retain ability to respond from a calmer state, rather than being angry and reactive and this provides more clarity to problem solve creatively. Likewise, if you have felt hurt from a previous relationship and you have not reconnected with your ability to love again, you will have difficulty attracting someone new into your life.

Loving someone also means that in the end we can only really influence by example, but WE cannot change them- only they can be inspired to do that. We either accept who they are and we choose to give our love unconditionally or we lovingly let them go. As per the fable told above- in some cases, “Only Time knows the true value of Love.”

This statement can be applied to some people’s perspective in life- they only truelly realise what they have lost when it has gone. That can be someone’s chosen reality, I guess they learn the hard way…but life is still one long learning curve…and like a boomerang they may still come back! So much better to end a relationship with love and acceptance than anger and frustration.

If that ‘someone’ is you and you have had to learn the hard way, it is never too late to rekindle a past relationship- it may not always return to the intimate relationship you once had, but it can become a lasting friendship which reconciles your emotions and enables you to still provide caring support to a person you respect.

So when you are next giving consideration to what action is most important to take the next step towards your “success” in life or relationships, always keep it R.E.A.L – Realise Everything is About Love. And never take LOVE for granted.




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An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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