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overcome challenges

Overcome Challenges with the Power of Imagination

If we are to successfully overcome challenges, our stressors, confusion, or discontent- there is something very powerful we can do which will transform how we feel. Yes, we do need to clarify our problems to overcome them. But, there is an action far more powerful that I want you to focus on, instead of on […]

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use memories

Use Memories to Empower

Do You Use Memories to Empower You, or are you simply Allowing them to Take Control of your Life… Robbing you of Forward, Positive Movement? The other day I read a lovely quote by Deepak Chopra: “I Use Memories, but I will not allow Memories to use me.” I stopped and gave some considerable thought […]

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take action

Take Action from the Heart!

It is SO liberating to the mind and emotions when we decide to take action and even moreso when it is a “something” we have been putting off or have felt fearful of doing. To actually take action in life can sometimes be scary. We have no excuses left if we decide to simply move […]

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The Power of One: Part 5

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The Power of One

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Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a Powerful Connective Force

Community gardens have so much to offer the Communities within which they are created, taking the world by storm as they become the Golden thread joining together people to other members within their Community and to the elements of Nature that Society has grown increasingly detached from. Community Gardens are  a very well established and […]

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