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overcome challenges

Overcome Challenges with the Power of Imagination

If we are to successfully overcome challenges, our stressors, confusion, or discontent- there is something very powerful we can do which will transform how we feel. Yes, we do need to clarify our problems to overcome them. But, there is an action far more powerful that I want you to focus on, instead of on […]

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The weed poem

“The Weed Poem”…Be Courageous, Determined and Persistent!

Would you Believe that “The Weed” Poem I Wrote 16 years ago is Giving me New Inspiration Now? Such is the way life works if you choose to attune to every opportunity to grow, reflect and persist! That old saying that “life wasn’t meant to be easy” is so true…if life was a cinch, I […]

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How do you go about Manifesting Abundance in all facets of Your Life?

Manifesting Abundance in Your Life. What is abundance? Abundance is considered to mean “a great amount” or “plentiful”. Generally, we get excited about the possibility of manifesting abundance in all facets of our life, but often we don’t truelly believe it’s likely to happen!! The secret? To experience abundance one must first have an abundance […]

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