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healthy habits

Healthy Habits!

Habits can work against us or they can work for us. Are your daily habits serving you or are they dictating that you remain like a hamster on a wheel repeating the same behaviours and making no progress towards the type of life you really want? A good example of this in motion is when […]

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Nelson Mandela Quote Fear and Courage

Fear and Risk Exists in Every Life Challenge.

Every outcome of choice has equal potentials to succeed or fail- but if you choose to anchor your mindset in the fear and risk of failure before you take action, guess what? This will ensure you never take action at all, or, if you do, you doom yourself to fail anyway, based on your negative […]

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overcoming problems

Overcoming Problems

In overcoming problems we face, have you considered that perhaps our problems are infact gifts? How often do we stumble upon a problem in our lives, feel like it is the worst thing ever, so we either ignore it at first or allow it to negatively consume us – all the while stressing and worrying- […]

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