Ideas for Creating Homemade Worm farms

EASY Homemade WORM FARMs using Poly Boxes.

Firstly source a couple of 2nd hand lidded poly boxes from your grocer, both of identical shape & size and both without holes. Place first on ground without it’s lid on, then sit the other directly on top after poking some holes with small screw driver carefully in the bottom of it. This allows for drainage & enables you to catch liquid nutrient in the bottom box – it helps if you can lay a piece of nylon flyscreen over the holes though, to prevent worms from accidentally sliding down into the liquid in lower box.. The top box can keep its lid (with some air holes) to help moderate extreme elements – poly boxes have great insulation qualities.This is big enough to start with 250g of worms & the beauty of this system is you can source more poly boxes & set up as many farms as you like!!

Parents- a great tip is to let your children go wild with a paint brush- let them beautify & personalise the outside of your homemade worm farm!! 

You will need to put 10cm of starter bedding in the box- this can be soaked coco peat, or even better, some old dampened horse or cow manure with soaked, shredded paper or cardboard. Then you”re ready for worms!!


Another simple recycled, homemade worm farm idea, is to make use of an old bathtub. If you are able to prop it up on supports off the ground, like a steel frame or simply sit it on bricks/stone, then you have the added opportunity to capture the liquid run off from the plughole into a bucket.

This liquid is like GOLD and when diluted @ 25% with water,  is a wonderful liquid growth stimulant for ALL your plants, be they in pots or in the ground! Apply regularly- once a fortnight, for best results.


Note the Hardwood recycled timber frame used to support the attached wire mesh which creates the hammock… 

home made worm farms

We used a double layer of thick Black Plastic to form the inner lining of the Worm Hammock. It is then perforated with holes down the centre to ensure adequate drainage.

home made worm farms

Topped off with it’s own recycled iron roof to keep out excessive Winter rains and intense Summer sun.

home made worm farms

All finished!

Worms are bedded in and covered with old carpet to keep them dark and moist.

Just how they like it!

home made worm farms

HERE is a PICTURE of another style of Homemade worm farms that we also USE at SUMMERLAND WORMS- still a Worm Hammock!

There are two main differences with this style- firstly they are a smaller, more  compact version of the bigger hammock previously shown and secondly, they utilise a hinged lid instead of a stationary one. They are a wonderful design to create in your backyard if you seek a larger wormfarm. They fit in perfectly alongside a fenceline, or in a corner of your backyard.

home made worm farms

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