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The ability of a Compost Worm to reduce our Organic Household Waste that otherwise contributes greatly to landfill is second to none. The incredible quality of the unmatched fertiliser they convert it INTO also seems nothing short of a miracle!! But convert it they do…. they are truelly our Environmental Heroes.

 Summerland Worms has been in business for many years with the focus on selling just one quality product which is just as nature made them…compost worms.

Please note: We can only supply to customers who reside in Australia. We do apologise to our International friends!

But all worms need an ideal, comfortable home for them to work their magic, rest and play, so we are now also selling a fully Australian owned and manufactured worm-farm that is well suited to our Aussie conditions. You can CLICK HERE to find out more about The Swag™.

Compost worms are available for purchase on this page by scrolling down beyond the contact form.

You can also find some inspiration for creating your own home-made wormfarm by CLICKING HERE.

WHO ARE WE? Summerland Worms is based in South Western Victoria. Our 65 acre Permaculture farm is nestled close to the wild shore of the Discovery Coast, halfway between the historic township of Portland & the small village of Nelson which resides on the banks of the Glenelg River.

It is amazing the INCREDIBLE difference, that one TINY little creature known as a COMPOST WORM can make to converting your organic household waste and you should be proud of the fact that you are about to play your part to contribute to and help maintain the health of our beautiful planet, by creating your own domestic recycle station!

We welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service, best quality and most hard working compost worms in the industry!

Our Wormfarm is Located:

 3138 Portland Nelson Road

 Mt Richmond, Victoria

 3305, Australia

 If you have any questions you wish to ask, please fill out the Contact Form below and we will get back in touch ASAP by email!

I would like to encourage you to Download our FREE “How to Create a Worm Farm That Works” E-book for your information if you are considering purchasing worms. It will provide you with invaluable guidance as to how to properly care for your worms, so you will experience the incredible success and value of having a worm farm in your families life! When you order worms, you will also receive an informative worm-care brochure which again will have the link to the e-book within it as well.

Summerland Compost worms are a combination of 3 main compost worm varieties-Red Wrigglers (Lumbricus rubellus), Tiger worms(Eisenia fetida) and Red Tigers (Eisenia andrei). They are introduced European worms that have voracious appetites & reproduce very rapidly, so they are well suited to home conversion of waste. They are an ideal selection for use across most climatic zones in Australia, however they breed more consistently during seasonal temperatures between 12- 27 degrees. During heat extremes, your wormfarm should be considered and ideally, be kept well aired, preferably shaded and hosed down with water, to prevent worms from overheating or drying out. The larger your wormbed, the less the worms seem to be impacted by fluctuations in temperature, as the worm bedding provides an insulating buffer and remains cooler than the ambient air temperature during spikes of heat in Summer.

We supply the compost worms comfortably transported in a coco-peat /casting mixture to ensure they reach you in a happy, healthy state.You will need to choose the type of worm-farm you will be setting your new members of the family up in. This can be a home made variety or a commercial model of your choice. But you’d better check out The Swag™ Worm-farm before you make up your mind, as we sell these farms either by themselves, or with compost worms at discounted rates, ready to get started munching on your organic waste ASAP!

 We sell a minimum order of 250g of compost worms.

The Rule of Thumb is to order approx. 250g worms for each member of your family, to ensure adequate worm numbers to convert your families quantity of waste.

As your numbers multiply, you will be proud of the fact you no longer throw any organic rubbish to landfill. Having a worm-farm becomes a surprisingly rewarding pastime as you discover just how much of your organic rubbish can be usefully recycled into a highly valuable plant food, rather than simply being discarded.


When you buy Summerland worms, you are buying an ideal cross section of very healthy compost worms of different ages based on weight. Baby worms are really an added bonus, as they do not weigh much at all, but they do mature very rapidly, add to your numbers considerably and quicken the conversion of your organic matter to castings. You can also expect to see lots of mature breeding aged compost worms in the mix- they will waste no time in multiplying rapidly.This ensures your new worm-bed will become productive as quickly as possible.

Some Happy Customers had this to say-
“We received our lovely worms very quickly-they arrived on Thursday  just 4 days after I ordered them! We were very pleased with how they were packed and how they looked when we opened them. We have placed them lovingly into our worm environment and expect them to do well! They appear very happy, active, hungry and we are very pleased to have found a great supplier, thankyou!” 
Sharon Ryan, NSW.
“Happy to report that the worm parcel was delivered to front door first thing this morning. The parcel was intact and sound and the worms are now bedded in coir fibre and cow manure mix and are alive and active and moving well. Thank you for the freight advice and prompt service!”
Frank, of Tanunda, S.A

 Please expect that from the day you have placed your order it could take from 4 days- 3 weeks to receive your worms. Ideally, if you can place your order by Friday morning at the latest, you have the best chance of having your worms despatched by that very next Monday.

 We prefer to send worms early in the week, giving them optimal chance of arriving at their destination within 5 working days- of course they will still be happy & healthy should they take longer than a week to get to you, as we take the utmost care in packing them well for their journey!

Upon receival of your payment, we will email you when the compost worms are due to be sent via Australia Post and also provide a tracking number for your reference, to ensure you can look out for your parcel arrival.

Always keep in mind that Aus.Post will take your package to the nearest Australia Post Outlet should you not be at home personally to receive your package of worms when they are delivered.. They will leave a card in your mailbox informing you have a parcel to collect. You can simply choose to have your worms delivered directly to a post box or your nearest Post Office if you prefer, rather than your home address if you know you will not be home.

Be assured that we will always endeavour to deal with your order as promptly as we can.

All COMPOST WORM Orders are accompanied with comprehensive WORM CARE Instructions and will be delivered Via Australia Post, Australia wide. Now is a great time of year to get your worm-farm set up – Autumn, Winter and Spring providing more moderate temperatures to settle your worms into their new residence! 

When you Click on Add to cart button below, the page will get refreshed and you will see your Shopping cart on the right of the screen with your selected item added.

You can Pay via hitting the ‘Checkout with Paypal’ button and will be taken to Paypal to complete your Secure transaction. If you have any questions please fill out the Contact form above and I will respond to you via email.


buy compost worms

 250g COMPOST WORMS (approx.1,000 worms) $28.00

+ Postage anywhere in Australia $15.00



buy compost worms500g COMPOST WORMS (approx.2,000 worms) $50.00

+ Postage anywhere in Australia $20.00



buy compost worms750g COMPOST WORMS (approx. 3,000 worms) $75.00

+ Postage anywhere in Australia $25.00



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