Self Motivation is YOUR Inner Power

Self Motivation is Your Inner Power to galvanize thoughts into Action! Why not focus on making them especially inspiring?

So what actually makes a person self motivated?

In it’s most simple state, self motivation is the force which drives us to achieve, create, develop, complete. It is the ability to do what needs to be done consistently, without someone else having to ‘hound’ us to do it!

There is a Key to unlocking your fullest potential to have not only exponential levels of self motivation in your life, but ensure we are purposeful action takers to boot!

I’d love you to begin first with consideration of the following important questions. Take your time to really consider your answers, grab a pen and a piece of paper so you can jot down your thoughts!

  1. Do you believe in your own ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to accomplish?
  2. Do you spend more time focused on your weaknesses or your strengths?
  3. Do you allow yourself to dream how good your life is or could be?
  4. Are you grateful for what you currently have, or are you mostly focused on more?
  5. Do you currently feel negative or positive about your life?
  6. Do you consider there is something to learn from everything that happens to you?
  7. Do you react to life or does life respond to you?
  8. Have you given thought to know what really ‘lights your fire’?
  9. Are you currently being your authentic self or do you conceal the ‘real you’ most of the time?
  10. Are you living in tune with your values and ethics?
  11. Do you make decisions based on feeling from the heart or logic from the mind?

Take the time to read the questions over again more slowly this time and check your answers are an honest response. Our lives can often become one big blur from one busy self-motivated moment to the next. Therein lies a reality check. We are often guilty of constantly racing ahead in our life, compromising our ability to truelly make the most of the present moment. Be careful that our self motivation does not make us skim over the important things…


Do you just want to be busy, or do you want to actively craft your life into one which harnesses your self motivation to manifest your dreams? Take advantage of your own attributes. Self motivation is a fantastic strength, but backed with the courage it takes to discover a life with meaning, it will become an even more powerful force to enable your life to reach new levels and serve you and others more infinitely.

When in the present moment, we are able to give pause to reflect. Reflection is one of the most powerful energies to propel us forward with greater insight and wisdom.It can convert merely a “BUSY” self motivated person, into a focused DREAM Achiever.

If we know deep down inside that everything that happens in our life happens for a reason- a reason that sometimes we can only see in retrospect…

If we take full responsibility for creating our life as it presently is NOW through the Law of Attraction and focus positively on our ability to create change for the better in the future…

If we learn to look for the positive in any circumstance by responding to what is happening, rather than reacting…

If we discard pretense, facades, those masks that we wear so willingly to please others and yet they become a prison to the real “US” and CHOOSE to tune into who we really are, what we believe in and feel passionate about…

If we start imagining again as to what could be possible in our lives and how we could create something extraordinary…

All of these beliefs will open us up to a new reality, a new point of focus.

So when we collectively align them alongside attitudes of optimism, habits of positive reflection and having the courage to try something new… ALL of these are powerful modes of attitude that will empower our lives when injected with a healthy dash of self motivation.

But the true Key that is absolutely essential for channeling our inner power of self motivation?

Develop heart focused thoughts. Allow your heart to rule, not your head. This is THE most important Key to an energised, inspired and self motivated life.

About Lynda Ford

An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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