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"Essential Wayne Dyer Collection"- 3 Books in 1 Hardback.

“Essential Wayne Dyer Collection”- 3 Books in 1 Hardback.

Best’; DVD- ‘Ambition to Meaning’; Audio CD-‘Secrets of Manifesting’. Too many to mention!

Dr Wayne Dyer Book- “The Shift” How to take your life from ambition to meaning.

Audio CD Set by Dr Wayne Dyer-"Secrets of Manifesting"- How to create your ideal life.

Audio CD Set by Dr Wayne Dyer-“Secrets of Manifesting”- How to create your ideal life.

"All Is Well"- by Louise Hay & Mona Lisa Schulz.

“All Is Well”- by Louise Hay & Mona Lisa Schulz.  Affirmations to live your life by!

Audio CD of Inspiring Speeches from 4 Empowering Women!

Audio CD of Inspiring Speeches from 4 Empowering Women!

I can highly recommend a book written by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz, ‘All is Well’- a perfect example of mind/body medicine at work, they use a combination of orthodox medicine insights, affirmations and intuition to enable healing of our bodies.– A whole suite of self empowerment articles; products; radio shows; health summits; seminars and countless other sources of inspiration and upliftment!

Tom Cronin- Meditation Teacher and Creator of "The Stillness Project".

Tom Cronin- Meditation Teacher and Creator of “The Stillness Project”. Tom Cronin is the Founder of The Stillness Project. His Mission is to teach over 1 Billion people across the globe to sit in daily meditation. He offers an Online meditation program to enable even the most hard core nuts who say they can’t learn to meditate successfully!  Achieve success in Home Based Online Business. Careers do not have to be online home businesstraditional, infact treading the road less travelled is a surefire way to find a better way. A happy family life begins with a career which gives you the opportunity to have flexibility to accomodate your families needs when they need you the most, not when your boss agrees to let you have some time off. If you consider it important that we ‘love what we do’, then start opening your mind to new alternatives- become your own boss! What better way to show your children that there are many different options in how one can earn a living- online based business is versatile, flexible and not geographically restrained- it is the most independent business model and the only way you can hope to create passive income to provide you with absolute time & lifestyle freedom! However, the one catch is that like anything worth doing, there is special knowledge required to succeed. Have you heard of shiny object syndrome? When you go online, you have 1001 things to distract and compete for your attention and if you are not careful they doom you to fail. Why? Because you always think the grass must be greener, or the process easier wherever someone else is telling you about their successful method of creating an online income. It is easy to become a drifter and soon you start to lose faith in your own ability to ‘make it’. Results 513 has a Simple Step by Step process which breaks down the core ‘tin tacks’ of online marketing and provides you with a method to fast track your results in your own personal niche. 


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