Overcome Challenges with the Power of Imagination

If we are to successfully overcome challenges, our stressors, confusion, or discontent- there is something very powerful we can do which will transform how we feel.

Yes, we do need to clarify our problems to overcome them. But, there is an action far more powerful that I want you to focus on, instead of on your problems and frustrations for now, as it will serve you much better. And that is engaging the power of your imagination.

I’m guessing that you maybe quite clear currently, about what you don’t want in your life. So, the question I have for you today is this…What DO you want in your life instead? What would you welcome with open arms into your life experience instead of the issue that is challenging you?

Henry David Thoreau said this: “The World is but a Canvas to the Imagination.”overcome challenges

And if you really think about this, it is not fanciful mutterings! It is absolute truth.Our heartfelt imagination is an amazing faculty. It is your most powerful ally to raise you out of being stuck in rinse and repeat mode, like you might be right now. Everything in life must first begin as a thought before it can ever be created. So time to plug into your resourceful imagination and start expanding your thinking!

Let’s give a green light for you to daydream and imagine the possibilities, to your heart’s content right now. When you dream, you are not governed by current limiting circumstance- at least, you should not be- but rather you look beyond limits and simply think with your heart. Project forward to see a vision for what you would love to see happen, manifest or how you would like your life to be different. Do not concern yourself whether you think it is possible or not. Just brainstorm it out onto a piece of paper. Writing down your thoughts is a powerful way of sifting through them, of checking them out in the light of day and the ones you resonate with are given power through recognising them in print.

What would make you happier right now? It is easy to know what we don’t want, but if we remain focused on that all the time, that is all we will ever get and nothing will change. Begin to focus on your ‘preferred destination’ instead and stop letting all the ‘how to get there’s’ distract and confuse you, then focus on what you choose to invite into your life.

Maybe you DO already know what you want, but have felt frustrated because your current circumstance does not align with your vision. Then I now ask you to put aside this assumption and simply get clearer with the details of your desire.

If you have a voice in your head right now saying “Mmmm, I’m no dreamer- dreaming is just a way to avoid facing your problems!” It maybe worthwhile for you to consider this…

You are only a dreamer when a dream stays contained inside your head. Once you believe in your dream and take action towards fulfilling that dream, YOU become a dream transformer.”

Everything is created twice in this life- first inside your head and then second by taking action.

Remember, our discontent and stress are an indication of those areas in life that need to change. Focus on those zones of your life that have been causing you such concern, but this time, choose to elevate your thinking and imagine how they could transform into your best life zones. What would need to happen? Not the ‘how’, but rather think of the motivation behind the change needed (your longing) and your end result-the destination. Consider your main life zones as: Health/Personal; Family; Romantic Relationships; Career/Contribution; Lifestyle Balance (time and money); Community/Social.

To help kick-start your thoughts towards pondering the bigger picture, here are some things to think about- these questions are not specific to zones, but they will all help to open your mind up.

1/ When are you at your most happy? What do you love to do, or enjoy learning about?

2/ Are there topics that you feel passionate about? Think of those issues you have a high level of empathy and concern for that sometimes trigger your defense in conversation or in relationships. This indicates they are heart centred and important to you.

3/ What do you long for? Do you romanticise over some possible change/outcome that up until now you have discounted?

4/ If you had no possibility of failing, were aware of no personal restraints and were guaranteed success, what would you do?

5/ Are there skills, traits or abilities in others that you admire and hold in high regard?

6/ When you were a teenager, was there something you were inspired by or wanted to do with your life then?

7/ Do you ever fantasize how you could make the world a better place- if so, how?

8/ Have you felt ‘blocked’ from taking positive action by a recurring thing? Could be an unresolved issue, a belief about yourself, something you dislike or feel negatively about? (This is not to isolate negativity, it is to name the ‘elephant in the room’ which surprisingly could be a source of inspiration for your future.

9/ Name three things you have done in your life you are proud of- they can be small or major.

10/ Name three or more things you are especially appreciative and grateful for in your life.

11/ What does it mean to you to feel healthy? What are your habits?

12/ What could be your priority dream right now? Which life zone does it apply to- Health; Family; Relationships; Career/Contribution; Lifestyle Balance;Community/Social? If it crosses over between a few zones then that would naturally indicate it to be of great importance and meaning for you at this time.

Now spend some time sitting quietly in a restful place, breathing in the serenity of the moment. Use a pen and notebook to answer whichever questions you connect with, engaging with the feelings they trigger and then gently allow your dreams to envelop you.



About Lynda Ford

An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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