Our Daily Miracle of Life

There are always two ways to respond to our everyday experiences, either negatively or positively.

Something which helps us to respond positively is to observe what is going on from a ‘higher place’ rather than from being in a ‘petty state’. The simple act of altering our perspective, can assist us to be so much more consistently positive in how we relate to all that goes on around us daily.

I have quoted Albert Einstein before and I’ll quote him again- “There are only two ways to live- one as though nothing is a miracle, the other as if EVERYTHING is”.

How are YOU living your life right now? If we really believe that everything in life is indeed a miracle, then what excuse could we really come up with to allow us to experience unhappiness in life as anymore than a fleeting emotion?

I think it would be safe to say that neither Science or Religion would argue that us being here on Earth is anything short of a miracle! Both have drawn on their own methodologies of research, belief and historical data to explain how that miracle has occurred, but nonetheless, they are still both fascinated by it and cannot fully understand everything there is to know about LIFE. Religion largely uses faith to fill in the gaps, whereas Science just continues researching in hope that ONE DAY they will discover every last secret behind creation. Perhaps that is the way it was intended- never to reveal all her secrets of the miracle of Life….and to be held in eternal AWE!

Do YOU consider this LIFE to be a miracle? Or do you feel somewhat detached from the desire to wonder about why we are here… Many people might say, “I haven’t time to consider such things- my life is too busy and I have more tangible physical needs to focus on anyway.”

But what if it actually did make a difference to your life? Is it possible that perhaps giving thought to this one belief above all other thoughts that go racing through your head each and every day, may indeed be the very miracle you have been waiting for, to bring more happiness into your life?

I can assure you I AM not of any religious denomination- but nor am I a person who requires scientific fact to explain every last detail of our physicality. I AM curious, and I DO believe there are remarkable and amazing forces at work to create our Universe and to animate every living being here on Earth.

My personal belief does encompass that we are spiritual beings having a human existence and somehow we commonly share a tiny drop of this miraculous ‘self-aware’ animating energy which is the force behind LIFE. This common connection within our own individual form of expression, has the power to unite humanity even in spite of our differences, because it tells us that there must be a bigger intention at work to express creatively and with love and meaning.

In other words, I believe there is a greater purpose behind the miracle of life and everything we do. As such, if we start living with our eyes wide open, we begin to take notice of synchronicities and new opportunities to grow, reflect and learn from events that occur in our life. I much prefer this belief than the alternative of considering that everything is just random chance or opposedly- planned acts of fate that we have no control over.

Even if you don’t believe we are spiritual beings- and I have no wish to impose my beliefs upon you- I am really simply suggesting that because life is so beyond our comprehension to fully explain it, does that not suggest that it must be a MIRACLE to at least revere and make the very best of whilst given the opportunity to explore?

We all should consider using it as a reminder not to take anything about our existence for granted. Like most of us, you would probably not remember in much detail how you have come to be here on planet Earth and at the end of your life, even if you felt that you were not eternal and your last breath is really your last breath….would you not reflect on what you have done or not done during your lifetime as an indication of whether it has been worth it or not? Infact, it would appear even more imperitive, for those of you who do believe we live and die only once to REALLY make this lifetime count!

When referring to our miracle of life, I am not only considering our human life, but the entire interconnected ‘web of life’ that we depend on and this is what truelly brings me lasting Joy and endless appreciation- it ensures I care about something greater beyond any perceived personal suffering I feel during my life. Infact the enjoyment and love of nature, provides me with daily gratitude and mindfulness. You know…that state of immersion when you remain in the present moment, just being aware of only that which you focus on NOW at the exclusion of all other thoughts past and present. It is my way of saying thanks to the natural world that sustains our life.

We don’t have to have a quantum physics degree to appreciate LIFE. We don’t have to believe there is an almighty God sitting in the clouds governing from above to appreciate LIFE. YOU don’t have to believe we are spiritual beings to appreciate LIFE. This is my point- just be mindful of the MIRACLE of Life that we ARE living within every single day and nurture your ability to give birth to your own unique story and highest expression. The very existence of LIFE indicates the truth of possibility in all its different shapes and forms.

Now that is liberating. It removes boundaries, it tells us that anything in life has the potential to improve, that behind any experience there is likely a deeper meaning, within every decision is a crossroad of options leading to very different destinations, the very fact that we have choices to make each day of our lives means we DO have a CHOICE! Nothing is carved in stone. So would not that make us the Captains of our own ship to direct as we please?



About Lynda Ford

An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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