Law of Attraction – How to use it to Empower Your Life

law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Vibration. Everything in the Universe has a vibrational energy at which it resonates and it can be only Positive or Negative.

The Universe works hard engaging the Law of Attraction to match the vibrations you are sending out at any time in thoughts, emotions, intentions or attitudes. So infact, the experiences we are having in any area of our life is feedback from either the positive OR negative attitudes we must be harbouring or expressing towards that area. Therein lies the key opportunity to recognise what areas of our life require more positive injection!

The Law of Attraction wants us to give focus to what we DO want, not what we DON’T want. The more focus we give to something in our lives, the more energy we are also injecting it with and the more we are attracting that to ourselves.

Have you ever noticed how we seem to attract the very thing we are most fearful of? The person who most fears failing and is pessimistic of a good outcome, will fail; the one who seeks a new companion but worries endlessly that everyone they meet will only be interested in them for their wealth- will tend to meet people who are less genuine & more likely to take advantage of them; the job interview that we spend more time in the lead up to, stressing over saying the wrong things, the more likely we are to put our foot in it; the special occasion coming up that we keep thinking “wouldn’t it be terrible if I was to get sick!” and gee…we end up with a dose of the flu. The more time we spend worrying about what we don’t want, or the negative “what if…”scenario, the more likely it is that it will come to pass.

The Law of Attraction is engaged into action when we move forward with concerted focus and effort- mentally and physically- on what we truelly want. This creates a strong positive injection of energy into our intent or desire and this will ensure that eventually our desired result will manifest, so long as we retain positive belief that it will come to pass.

I’m not just talking about having a positive outlook. We are catalysts to creating the change we want in life- the Law of Attraction rewards effort…we can’t expect to say we want something, but then sit back and expect it to be served to us on a platter and really do nothing actively to make it happen. We need to know the difference between when we need to take action from when we need to step back and have faith that we’ve done all in our power to help something manifest and then have complete faith to allow the universe to bring it to us.We also need to be authentic in our positivity. You could be outwardly smiling and hopeful, but inwardly frustrated and doubtful about getting the results you want- this is what we could call negative mind talk that sabotages any hope of success.

There is several steps involved in enabling the Law of Attraction to work effectively in our lives.

1. Request. Place attention on that which we wish to attract into our lives and make your request known to the Universe- most of all clarify your intent…make it well known to yourself.

2. Positive Energy. Inject your request with plenty of focused enthusiasm, excitement and positive energy needed to do whatever it takes to assist it’s manifestation- it is especially useful to visualise and feel the emotion of what it’s like to have already achieved your request.

3. Encourage your heart to get involved. Our desires must be in line with our own truth- if we are in conflict with our own beliefs or we do not resonate and feel truelly comfortable with what we are intending for our life, we will not succeed in attracting it into our lives. Our heart is an amplifier to attracting good things and when engaged can create incredible results, but equally, our heart will also recognise personal desires inconsistent or mal-aligned with our own values, purpose or service to others.Law of Attraction

4. Trust the process and imagine your feelings as though it has already come to pass. Let go of judgement, timekeeping and attachment to control. Emotionally let go of control with the simple knowledge that having total faith in the process will allow the result to unfold in our lives in it’s own good time. Wayne Dyer likes to take such trust to another level and says: “You must learn to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled”.  Also remember that the Universe doesn’t always work in a predictable fashion or direct line! It likes to present us with a few extra things for us to learn along the way which will ultimately enrich our journey!

5. We need to cultivate an “attitude for gratitude” before, during and after the request process. If we are not grateful for the things we have now, we cannot hope to successfully attract more things into our life that we won’t have gratefulness for in the future. Abundance really does surround us throughout our lives if we just acknowledge it’s presence. It can be a truelly humbling experience observing the everyday beautiful simplicities that make our life wonderful and yet often go un-noticed.

The Law of Attraction rewards clarity, positive vision, inspired intent, heartfelt gratitude and trust, with matching vibrations of abundance, fulfilment, synchronicity and a truelly inspired, purpose driven life. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

A highly recommended DVD or book to read to further explore the Law of Attraction is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne- it’s a great introduction to the Law of attraction. Wayne Dyer has a beautiful DVD set however, called “The Secrets of Manifesting” which provides further insights into how one really implements in a practical way.

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