Inspirational Quotes from Four Mighty Inspirational People!

I’d love to share four Inspirational quotes from Visionaries that I admire and consider the meaning behind the words they have shared. Read the words from your heart and they will change your life.

What a beautiful spirit Mother Teresa has, she is a woman of action, not just one for words… personally, I admire all those people who have the faith to walk their talk. So many wise words she has shared, but I wish to focus on:

Inspirational Quote from Mother Teresa

“I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa.

 Mother Teresa truelly understands the power of unity, persistence, intention and love.

She also recognises the power of our own field of effect as we move through life- be it large or small, we are always impacting someone or something else external to ourselves, most often without even realising it. Sometimes though, we do acknowledge synchronicities or coincidences that have occured and we become more aware of the triggered chain of events from just one thought or action.

When we consciously start to recognise this inner power we hold within us we realise our chosen actions DO matter and inevitably WILL touch another, then they reach out to another and another and another and so on- WOW! we realise the ripples we are creating can magnify just one person’s actions, to become so much greater than they themselves “alone” can ever achieve… simply by sharing ideas, stating our beliefs, living true to ourselves.

Which leads me to my next Famous Inspirational Quote by Martin Luther King Jr- a person who’s wisdom was governed by heartfelt intellect:

Inspirational quote Martin Luther King“Our Lives begin to End the Day we become Silent about things that Matter.”  Martin Luther King Jr                                                   

The worst thing we can do in our lives is to become silent about things that matter to us, or that we recognise is impacting someone else’s life- simply because it indicates that we either underestimate our ability to make any difference, or we have given up trying – you will forever feel insignificant and frustrated in your life.

However, another level to this if not lacking faith in oneself, is to feel indifference towards issues that should infact kindle within us a fire for change, for it is born from lack of empathy, awareness, concern, love or respect- for oneself or another. This is something that we can learn to cultivate and seems to grow stronger the more we understand the connected nature of all life on this Earth.

Inspirational quote Mahatma Gandhi


“Be the Change you want to See in the World.”Mahatma Gandhi.

So many can sprout forth idle words, but can they put those words into action? Live your life as YOU believe and conceive- this will then become your reality and have powerful influence over other’s reality also, as they can see with their own eyes the great expanse of possibilities that otherwise they may have been blind to. You become the change you are seeking- PROVE it can be done by walking, talking and living it!


Inspirational quote Michelangelo“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” Michelangelo.

Many of us underestimate both our abilities and our potential. It has been said that only when you feel out of your comfort zone are we infact growing and if you are NOT growing, you are slowly dieing. Make’s you think doesn’t it….how many millions of us are simply on a backwards spiral? For death, as for life, takes many forms- we can physically be fine initially, but mentally our life situation maybe imposing such restraint, conform and stagnation upon us as to cause death of our inner light, energy and optimism- which in turn further restricts any positive actions and thoughts towards an improved future.


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Another facet of this limited mindset is feeling fearful of failure, so we decide that to appear more successful, we should simply never push our limits to the “edge”- that way we will always feel safe within more familiar territory. Our greatest leaps forward are at those times we have decided that no matter the odds, we have decided the risk of nothing changing is a greater threat to us than trying and failing, because at least then SOMETHING will have changed within us even if we do fail and we will know how NOT to do it next time! Mistakes are merely valued lessons if we accept them as such. Not only that, but sometimes the way we invision things should “work out” is not what we need most at that time in our life…the Universe always has a knack for knowing the right timing for everything that happens to us- we just need to trust it a little more! 


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An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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