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car gardens

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Ideas in the Home- a Picture Gallery.

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bee die-off

Entire Food Chain in Peril- Bayer to Blame for Massive Bee Die-Off!

Just Last Month, 37million Bees were Discovered Dead on a Single Canadian Farm. This Indicates a Bee Die-Off of proportions which threaten the very Heart of our Food Production System. The European Union has since banned the dangerous chemical that Bayer is responsible for manufacturing and which has been proven to be to blame- Neonicotinoid […]

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reduce energy use

Tips to Reduce Energy Use and Save You some Money!

Our thirst for energy to drive, heat, cool, cook, create and consume seems unquenchable. But there are two questions we should be asking ourselves to assist guide our actions into the future if we really wish to maintain the comforts and conveniences that we’ve grown accustomed. 1/Can we learn ways to reduce energy use and […]

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Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a Powerful Connective Force

Community gardens have so much to offer the Communities within which they are created, taking the world by storm as they become the Golden thread joining together people to other members within their Community and to the elements of Nature that Society has grown increasingly detached from. Community Gardens are  a very well established and […]

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Ethical Consumerism…is there such a thing??

With every dollar you spend, you are impacting the planet and it’s people. The question is however, are you using the power you wield as a consumer positively or negatively? Ethical consumerism is our way of turning our power to positive! We live in a time of animal cruelty, genetically modified foods, broad-scale chemical monocultures, […]

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Our choices Do make a difference!

Do you ever question the power that your personal choices really have? Click on this image to watch a short & sweet Video by National Geographic focusing on the resources we use just in relation to buying, using and caring for our cotton T-shirts and what we can do to make this choice a little […]

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Your first early steps towards Ethical consumerism

Being conscious of our consumption habits is the very first step towards ethical consumerism. Let’s face it, in this modern age we are more consumers than producers….a fact that in an ideal world would be good to see reversed! However, it needs to be recognised and acknowledged that we can’t all supply, grow or fulfill […]

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