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reduce stress tension and anxiety

6 Holistic ways to Reduce Stress,Tension and Anxiety

Heart palpitations, hot flashes, trembling hands, a surge of fear… anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety knows how truly miserable it can be. But many people also suffer from chronic nervous tension and stress, where you may not suddenly become overwhelmed with feelings of dread or panic, but you seem to be fighting off chronic […]

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positive change

7 Steps to Create Positive Change!

Change is an important part of life. It is easy to underestimate and undervalue the crucial role which positive change plays, in helping us to grow, extend our abilities and become wiser human beings. When change and challenges enter our lives uninvited, all we can do is choose whether we will respond or react to […]

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healthy habits

Healthy Habits!

Habits can work against us or they can work for us. Are your daily habits serving you or are they dictating that you remain like a hamster on a wheel repeating the same behaviours and making no progress towards the type of life you really want? A good example of this in motion is when […]

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mind-body connection

The Mind-Body Connection for Creating Health and Happiness.

A Healthy Body flows from a Healthy and Happy Mind. We can have the best diet under the sun, but if we do not recognise the importance of the right positive, resilient mindset in contributing to our state of health and happiness, we will fail in maintaining our natural wellbeing. The delicate mind body connection […]

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Time knows the True Value of Love

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Powers of Intention are much greater when shared between a “bonded pair”, like a couple in love or even best friends. Relationships are everything- Love is the highest vibrational state. When asked what triggered the most happiness in a person’s life, good relationships topped almost every […]

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The Power of Australian Bush Flower Essences and Crystal Healing

Healing can come from many different modalities.Have you ever considered the exceptional qualities of Australian Bush Flower Essences or crystal healing? Although flower essence remedies have been used by many cultures for thousands of years, the Australian Bush Flower Essences meet the great need for remedies that help people address the issues of the 21st century- […]

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Natural Health and Wellness – What do Doctors, Prescribed Drugs and Cancer all have in common?

I have been an advocate of personal natural health and wellness my whole life. I believe that orthodox medicine plays an extremely valuable and important role in maintaining health and saving human lives, I just refuse to accept that Doctors know everything there is to know about drugs they prescribe, or the most recommended methods […]

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