Self Motivation is YOUR Inner Power

Self Motivation is Your Inner Power to galvanize thoughts into Action! Why not focus on making them especially inspiring? So what actually makes a person self motivated? In it’s most simple state, self motivation is the force which drives us to achieve, create, develop, complete. It is the ability to do what needs to be […]

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Ditch Procrastination

Let’s Ditch the Procrastination!

Do you have a “To-do” list as long as the Great Wall of China? Are there ideas you’ve been brooding for waaaay too long? Do you have so many undone intentions floating around in your mind, that to say you are rather distracted would be a radical understatement? There is an invisible force at work […]

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Time knows the True Value of Love

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Powers of Intention are much greater when shared between a “bonded pair”, like a couple in love or even best friends. Relationships are everything- Love is the highest vibrational state. When asked what triggered the most happiness in a person’s life, good relationships topped almost every […]

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Inspirational quote Martin Luther King

Inspirational Quotes from Four Mighty Inspirational People!

I’d love to share four Inspirational quotes from Visionaries that I admire and consider the meaning behind the words they have shared. Read the words from your heart and they will change your life. What a beautiful spirit Mother Teresa has, she is a woman of action, not just one for words… personally, I admire […]

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use memories

Use Memories to Empower

Do You Use Memories to Empower You, or are you simply Allowing them to Take Control of your Life… Robbing you of Forward, Positive Movement? The other day I read a lovely quote by Deepak Chopra: “I Use Memories, but I will not allow Memories to use me.” I stopped and gave some considerable thought […]

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overcoming problems

Overcoming Problems

In overcoming problems we face, have you considered that perhaps our problems are infact gifts? How often do we stumble upon a problem in our lives, feel like it is the worst thing ever, so we either ignore it at first or allow it to negatively consume us – all the while stressing and worrying- […]

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car gardens

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Ideas in the Home- a Picture Gallery.

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The weed poem

“The Weed Poem”…Be Courageous, Determined and Persistent!

Would you Believe that “The Weed” Poem I Wrote 16 years ago is Giving me New Inspiration Now? Such is the way life works if you choose to attune to every opportunity to grow, reflect and persist! That old saying that “life wasn’t meant to be easy” is so true…if life was a cinch, I […]

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bee die-off

Entire Food Chain in Peril- Bayer to Blame for Massive Bee Die-Off!

Just Last Month, 37million Bees were Discovered Dead on a Single Canadian Farm. This Indicates a Bee Die-Off of proportions which threaten the very Heart of our Food Production System. The European Union has since banned the dangerous chemical that Bayer is responsible for manufacturing and which has been proven to be to blame- Neonicotinoid […]

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take action

Take Action from the Heart!

It is SO liberating to the mind and emotions when we decide to take action and even moreso when it is a “something” we have been putting off or have felt fearful of doing. To actually take action in life can sometimes be scary. We have no excuses left if we decide to simply move […]

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