Entire Food Chain in Peril- Bayer to Blame for Massive Bee Die-Off!

Just Last Month, 37million Bees were Discovered Dead on a Single Canadian Farm. This Indicates a Bee Die-Off of proportions which threaten the very Heart of our Food Production System.

The European Union has since banned the dangerous chemical that Bayer is responsible for manufacturing and which has been proven to be to blame- Neonicotinoid pesticide, or Neonic for short.

Interestingly, this group of pesticides can easily be replaced by other chemicals which don’t have the same destructive effect upon our food chain, but companies such as Bayer and Syngenta will do everything in their power to protect their profits because they currently make a fortune selling neonics. Recently, after a huge public campaign and clear scientific finding from the European Food Safety Authority quantifying the risks that neonics pose to our worldwide bee populations, (resulting in massive bee die-off s), the European Union took action and banned the use of this chemical.bee die off 











I am sharing with you information which I received as a supporter of the work done, by an organisation called the “SumOfUs”. This is a world-wide movement of everyday people like you and me, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and attempting to forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can visit their website here: www.sumofus.org

Bayer has fought the ban every step of the way, pouring millions into lobbying and attempting to fake scientific proof to stop decision makers from taking this ultimate action. But now they have out-done themselves and have just sued the European Commission to overturn this landmark ban!

It was a huge public outcry and push which really won this ban- we can’t allow BIG Pesticide Companies to overturn bans such as this that are protecting our very survival on this planet!! Bee die-off is a symptom of practices which cannot be sustained. A direct correlation has been proven between the use of these neonic pesticides and massive bee decimation and when you consider that over a third of all our food crops are pollinated by bees… the outcome was well justified.

People power again needs to swing into action to ensure the European Commission does not sway to Bayer’s hard pressure tactics- I encourage you to sign the petition being circulated by the “SumOfUs” by CLICKING HERE

This is an issue which effects us all. Recently I also signed a petition appealing to Bunnings to stop stocking these neonic pesticides here in Australia. It does not matter where we live, this is a global challenge which we all need to be informed about and acting upon. Neonicotinoids must be banned in ALL countries. Bayer and Syngenta, (two of the world’s largest chemical corporations) claim that the European ban is “disproportionate” or “unjustified” …but WE know the score…we lose our bees, we lose our food supply. I would say it is a pretty BIG Issue at stake.

 Neonics are soaked into seeds and are systemic chemicals by nature, spreading through the plant and killing insects that decide to have a snack attack- maybe seems great to prevent crop destruction, but it is non-selective which means bees also get the devastating blow from the chemical’s toxicity when they go browsing on the flower pollen. 

 If this giant corporation manages to bully Europe into submission, it would spell disaster for the bees AND it would indicate a greater victory for companies who are ignoring their environmental and ethical responsibility simply because they have the money to fund baseless lawsuits to buy their way out of the destruction they are causing on our environment.

We have to stand up for the European ban now, from Europe and from around the world. The current ban only lasts for two years before it’s up for review, and Bayer is now determined to stop it before it even comes into force in December 2013. If we allow Bayer to overturn this ban, it will  not only be a devastating loss for the bees and all of us, but it will set a dangerous precedent of impunity for chemical corporations which will make every environmental regulation more difficult to prove and achieve in the future.

I encourage you to share this article in your social circles, as this effects us all and we must ensure that Bayer and Syngenta backs off and accepts the European Commission’s decision. Neither company can afford massive public boycotting or outcry on a global scale, so let them know we don’t want these chemicals effecting our food chain any more.

Please sign the SumOfUs petition to tell Bayer and Syngenta to drop their lawsuit now, HERE.

We can then move forward to endeavour to get the same bans in place worldwide!


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