The Power of Australian Bush Flower Essences and Crystal Healing

140 (1)Healing can come from many different modalities.Have you ever considered the exceptional qualities of Australian Bush Flower Essences or crystal healing?

Although flower essence remedies have been used by many cultures for thousands of years, the Australian Bush Flower Essences meet the great need for remedies that help people address the issues of the 21st century- sexuality, communication skills and spirituality to name but a few.

They have been developed and researched by Naturopath, Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist. Ian grew up in the Australian bush. As a young boy his grandmother, like her mother before her, specialised in using Australian plants and would often take him bush walking. From her deep understanding she would point out the many healing plants and flowers. He learned a profound respect for nature through her and went on to become a practitioner and a pioneer working with and researching the rare remedial qualities of Australian native plants.

Angela Malseed is a Natural Therapist practicing in my own home town of Portland, Victoria, who uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to assist individuals regain their health and wellbeing via gentle, supportive vibrational therapies. She is a Reiki master, Bowen Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique specialist and Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, catering for clients individualised health needs by creating flower essence remedies specific to their condition. However she also has a range of ready made essence remedies for more commonly shared issues, symptoms or emotional imbalance such as:  Stress, insomnia, lack of confidence, fears, shyness, poor body image, traumatic memories, grief, depression, anger, resentment, obsessive thoughts, lack of direction in life, hormone imbalance, muscle spasm, inflammation, headache, physical illness, burns, jet lag, hyperactivity, a feeling of being out-of-sorts, cravings and addictions and many more states too numerous to mention.

I asked Angela why she so positively favours Australian Bush Flower Remedies:

“Well, of course being an Australian, I was naturally drawn towards the beauty and vibrational qualities of essences made from native Australian bush flowers, however once I began using them myself and subsequently on clients, I simply found them to be so gentle but effective. They are totally natural and will not interfere with any other treatment you may be having, working gently to bring positive changes into your life. They are inexpensive, and easy to take – even for children, babies and animals. Essences are dispensed in a dropper bottle, and the usual requirement is a few drops under the tongue, morning and night.”
There are infact 69 essences in the Australian Bush Flower range- that is a lot of healing power! Angela mentioned that this means she is able to prepare a potent combination of several essences to create a remedy, which then addresses specific concerns, and can successfully bring fast results.  And if you can’t find an essence remedy suited to you, she is able to tailor make one to suit your particular unique condition.
140Another tool in Angela’s  box of natural therapies, is crystal healing. Since ancient times, healers have utilised crystals and gemstones, to influence the energies of humans, animals, plants, and the energies of their homes; bringing increased balance, harmony and vitality. This is why Angela considers it important to source crystals of the highest quality, enjoying the process of hand selecting beautiful crystal specimens and carefully crafted jewellery.
Crystals form and grow deep within the earth over millions of years and develop strong fields of electromagnetic energy.  These fields vary according to the mineral content of each type of crystal or stone, and from whereabouts in the earth it originated. The cells of our bodies also contain and emit electromagnetic fields and we are able to utilise the energy charge from crystals to assist realign and harmonise our cellular energy so that our bodily organs and processes, on all three levels- physically, mentally and emotionally, will function more efficiently and a sense of well-being will be maintained.

If you would like to view some of the beautiful crystals, crystal jewellery and vibrational essence remedies Angela has available, have an explore of her Ebay store by clicking on the following link.

Essence of Natural Healing.

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