Lynda FordGreetings from Lynda Ford, Founder of Wild Banksia!

The Inspiration for this website has been building momentum for a long time… infact my interests in living an empowered, self directed, sustainable life journey, really engaged way back when I began exploring the grass-roots lifestyle as a teenager, living just with my mother on a beautiful bush property in country Victoria, Australia.

There began my inspiration for a lifetime, as I became immersed in self-sufficiency, mud-brick building, raising animals, caring for wildlife, learning practical farm skills, growing food organically, and exploring alternative home based enterprise….I also completed my secondary school years via home schooling, the side-benefit of which fostered an open mind, unrestrained by traditional boundaries and limited peer perspective. Having a mum who would turn her hand to anything and neighbours who shared the same lifestyle ideals & visions as mentors – all of these elements and experiences contributed to the power of my present day belief that I live by and that is, we are fully responsible for the life we create and therefore WE  must choose to BE the Change We Seek.

My passion for self empowerment was incubated during those years also, so it is natural that I have always considered our ‘work’ is something that should energise and motivate us and allow us to bring our gifts and talents to the world, not something that we would feel any need to retire from at age 65. I see too many people persisting at jobs simply because they are a safe option- (not that they really are), because who knows when you can suddenly be laid off… but it is more of a psychological safety and financial certainty for as long as their employer is able to offer them a job. This is fine if you really enjoy the work you do, but many people do not and still they tend not to look beyond to see other possibilities, gradually becoming more depressed and negative with their life situation, when really, their “entrapment” is self imposed.

Personally, I have found being a parent to be my biggest inspiration and motivation to pursuing not only a career that I feel passionate about, but also one which accomodates the needs of my family first. I love the flexibility that Home based business provides and embrace the ability to reach out and connect with people right across the globe using the Internet, rather than being contained to just one geographical location! Many moons ago, I harboured some resistance to the Internet and technology. I now acknowledge what a wonderful contribution, the Internet has infact made to our lives, initiating an unforetold leap forward for uniting people together for common cause and highlighted to each of us how closely interconnected our global community really is. It has become a valuable, 24/7 accessible encyclopedia, medium for exchange and allowed the development of many unexpected friendships across the planet!

For many years I also considered money was the root of many of our societies problems, causing too much materialism, consumerism and self serving pursuit and because of this, it assured me of adopting a more frugal, poverty mindset. But now I have attuned to a more balanced, abundant consciousness, whereby I know that it is not money which is self serving, but the person using it. Infact, money does indeed make the world go round…it needs to circulate to be of real benefit and positive influence in our world. Where we choose to spend our money expresses the most influential of all our choices – and the effect can be positive, sustainable, supportive and regenerative.

I would like to share with you the ‘Why’ for Wild Banksia – it has been established with the mission of sharing the following:

  • Recognising the importance of creating a life/family/work balance that accomodates more than just earning an income, also factoring quality time with family and pursuing work that you really love. 
  • Empowering people to be self-reliant and discover Strategic Solutions to their problems through awareness, positive thoughts, powerful intention and cultivating healthy self respect.
  • Inspiring Positive Action to transition through and embrace change, direct your life & contribute to a healthier, happier, stress free You.
  • Reclaiming Optimism, sharing the values of Compassion, Generosity & Gratitude so that we can appreciate what we do have now and always expect the best for others.
  • Fostering a belief that recognises the priority to inject time and attention to our family and loving relationships- knowing that they do not thrive without such nurturing.
  • Intentional Action to reconnect with Nature & live in a manner that is more Sustainable, Healthy & Ethical.
  • Enable You to truelly Be The Change You Seek.

I still live in Victoria, now on the outskirts of the coastal township of Portland. I am a mother of two wonderful children, who are 16 and 13 years of age and who I love sharing this same vision with and enjoy encouraging them to “Live the Life they Imagine”. We live on “Summerland Farm”, an organically managed property of 65 acres which has about 25 acres farmland and the rest is native bush. We have an abundance of native wildlife that reside here, recently we even had a Koala that decided a terracotta pot on our front porch made a great place to sleep the day away!

Potted Koala

Although we are still in the midst of establishing our garden, we try to grow as much produce as we can and have an abundance of free range eggs, pure rainwater, vegetables from the garden, a young fruit tree orchard and create our own fertiliser from the animals we keep- a horse; three young Jersey cows; two Anglonubian x Goats; and about twenty chooks (too many names to mention!) It is our intention to milk the cows once they reach maturity and have calved. We used to breed goats and milk them- beautiful milk, very healthy and easily digested by people. But we thought it might be fun to raise some calves, as my children had not experienced the joy of cows yet in their lifetime, so in June last year we decided to add 3 little calves to our menagery, raising them on the bottle.Summerland Farm Calves

If you want lots of fun, laughter mischief and challenge in your life-get animals….invariably you have to improvise, learn a lot, spend money, and share the Love. Animals that are bought, thrown in the paddock and ignored, simply learn to ignore you in return. And THAT’s NO FUN! Oh and I mustn’t forget our other livestock- thousands of compost worms, which work tirelessly converting kitchen scraps and manure into beautiful, highly nutritious castings to fertilise for our plants. Our overall intention is to manage our resources in a recirculating system as much as possible, so the least amount is wasted.

So as you can see, I wear a few different hats, but this is just how I like to live life- walking the talk! I consider it is essential to maintain a balance between your family life, practical productivity to create more than you consume and manage a career which harnesses your natural abilities, channels your acquired skills and allows you to embrace that which you feel passionate about.

It is my hope that many more people like yourself will join me, in pro-actively crafting the unique life you really want to live. This Website, encapsulates my multi-faceted lifestyle and explores those Values which are most important to me. The resources you find here and the Life Coaching service I provide, are all here to serve you and fuel your positive intent for your life’s future. No matter what you have gone through in the past, your future vision can overshadow even your most negative of experiences. I am here to support you if you truelly wish to discover a new self-designed roadmap to YOUR ideal life.

We Welcome Connections and positive, constructive Feedback-

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