7 Steps to Create Positive Change!

Change is an important part of life. It is easy to underestimate and undervalue the crucial role which positive change plays, in helping us to grow, extend our abilities and become wiser human beings.

When change and challenges enter our lives uninvited, all we can do is choose whether we will respond or react to that which befalls us… but what of those times when you know you need something to change, but find it hard to commit or persevere with creating the positive change in your life that you really desire?

The following 7 steps to creating positive change in your life are crucial, if you wish to live an empowered life enabling your ability to become self-aware of the change you require. They will also help to develop your inner resolve and commitment to the lasting positive change you know you really want.

1/ Know what causes you Stress and take action to deal with or delete it from your life.

Consider stressful emotions you are feeling a gift, as they are telling you where change needs to happen most in your life! Whilst you suffer the mental and physical symptoms of stress, you will be less productive as a positive problem solver. It is essential to become aware of what is causing your stress, then either take action to manage and control it, or make the decision to remove the ‘cause’ from your life altogether.

2/ Take full responsibility for the change you need.

Recognise and admit that there MUST be a change. No wishy washiness. See the issue and be decisive that there will be no more denial. For change to occur you also need to take full responsibility – no blame, just be pro-active in seeking creative solutions- recognise you can’t force change on others but you can control your own thoughts and actions.

3/ Know your BIG WHOPPING WHY!

Seek absolute clarity about WHY you need change and the benefits which will come from the positive change. This will be your major motivation! Then write this down and pin it up where you can see it every day.

4/ Cultivate an Attitude of Positive Expectation.

The thoughts you think and the words you use create the life you experience, so choose them carefully. Always look for the good first rather than the bad in all that happens, dwelling on the negative will only increase the likelihood of recurrence and place your attention in areas that are not productive to positive outcomes. Solutions can only be found when you believe a solution IS possible. Unless you approach any problem with optimism you will not be able to see the potentials or possibilities.

5/ Accept there will be challenge along the way.

Rose coloured glasses are not productive. But it is worth considering that failure only exists when you give up! Adopt a consistent, persistency- expecting the best, but always prepared to learn from even the worst. Without challenge we do not grow. Take what you learn and move forward with greater insight, knowledge and commitment.

6/ Take control of your daily mental focus and cultivate mindfulness.

Become aware of what you spend your time focused on. It is not productive or positive to spend a lot of time dwelling on the past OR stressing about the future. This does not mean you cannot give attention to your problems, but rather when we have a problem that need’s our focus, actually allocate time to it, rather than allow it to intercept randomly and rob your focus throughout the day. Take time to be fully present in the moment whilst you are doing even menial activities, rather than wondering where your day disappeared to.

7/ Define and align yourself with the person you wish to become, not who you have been.

Don’t let your past experiences define who you are today. Your current focus and beliefs will direct you to where you are going and who you are becoming. Visualise the REAL you, doing and being the best version of yourself and only use positive language which supports that belief in You. Do not accept other’s labels or negative assumptions they attribute to you, as YOUR reality.

The more informed and self-aware you become, the more you gain clarity about those positive changes which you truelly want and why. This provides new beliefs and values which will overshadow the past beliefs that were holding you back, leaving you free to be inspired by your new motivation and commitment, to craft your most positive life!

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About Lynda Ford

An Empowered Modern Hippie who likes to live and think outside the square, who believes Inspired action is born from optimism, compassion and cultivating an open-minded attitude. Lynda acknowledges the power of learning and sharing from and with others and believes people need to rekindle an appreciation and respect for each other and our beautiful planet.

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