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Life is about connecting the dots. Every one of us has such power to influence the way our own life unfolds, as well as help influence the collective future of humanity, by simple daily choices we make. We can make choices which are only good for us short term, or choices which are sustainable and good for US, OTHERS and our ENVIRONMENT, long term. It is a known fact that when a person feels happy and optimistic, they are much more likely to be more compassionate, respectful and considerate of the impact their actions will have on others.

Too many people are currently compromising ‘life’ for money; quality family time for status and income; ‘life meaning’ for busy lifestyles; health for stress; dream realization for the ‘daily grind’. Wild Banksia wants to blow off the cobwebs from this mindset and reinject YOU with a Self-empowered Vision of Your Life. Taking the time to re-connect to your own needs, feelings and hopes for your own future is a very important first step, for if we habitually behave in ways which conflict with what we truelly want or value, we will never find lasting happiness or feel optimistic about the future. The second most important step is to understand how our choices sculpt our world for better or worse. We can be a part of every problem, or influence and innovate every solution.

Wild Banksia believes everyone has a unique purpose and field of influence that, once found, can provide profound contentment, expand life options, reinstate meaning and enable you to jump back into the ‘drivers seat’ of your life!  In essence, searching for those things in life which are meaningful to you, will re-engage you with your Birthright to be Happy.

Happiness Is An InsideJobWe are not talking about a surface happy, but a Happiness you feel to the core of YOUR BEING- one that becomes a consistent feeling underscoring all that you do and grows your potential to be all that you can be. Perhaps the term happiness does not even do this state justice, because for some, to ‘be happy’ refers to a positive emotion that comes and goes- what we are aiming for here is not the fleeting variety, but one that is a complete mindset change. From this mindset, we can be more resilient, responsive, solution oriented, grateful and optimistic. When you adopt such mindset- guess what…it increases our ability to not only tolerate and embrace change, but to provide us the insight and creativity to understand what change maybe needed and why. It is then easier to accept safety as secondary to fulfillment.

Many of us tend to resist and fear the ‘risks’ of change, even when we know in our hearts it is probably what we need most to renew our energy and zest for life! Funny isn’t it, how we prefer to suffer under circumstances we are familiar with, rather than to try something different that may prove to bring us great excitement and happiness?

Therein begins the first opposition reflex, as there are as many opinions surrounding what it is to “find happiness”, as there are people in this world! One person’s perspective will not be true for the next. Many opinions have shared similarities, but still have subtle differences. Basically, you can reduce the streams of thought to two conclusions about happiness:

1/ Happiness is stimulated by the experience of certain external circumstance/factors and can depend on what happens TO you in your life.

2/ Happiness can come from an internal state of inner certainty linked to positive expectation and the genuine belief that one will not only prevail in the face of challenge, but thrive. They believe that such an outcome is simply a choice, rather than a reaction to what’s going on around you.

External triggers of happiness can be quite universal when we examine them. Such things as – your family’s love and support; owning your own home; feeling appreciated; playing with a beloved pet; romantic love; having plenty of money; sunny days; being healthy; socialising with good friends; travel; contentment- the list is endless really! There is certainly nothing wrong with taking pleasure from external elements- infact one of the attributes of a Happiness Mindset is to feel gratitude for all of these wonderful things we experience in life. The only problem that comes from these external factors is when we depend on them totally for our happiness. Why? If our circumstances suddenly change and we no longer experience what we are accustomed to, our level of happiness and tolerance of life seems to take a nosedive for the worst. Our life certainty is reduced and so is our happiness…..Unless of course, you have learnt to cultivate a mindset which ensures you find beauty in the storm as well as the sunny days. 🙂banksia-hero

“Behold the Wild Banksia. It endures the force of fire to regenerate, before it reaches for the light and becomes that which it had the potential to be all along.”

HappinessDeveloping a positive inner knowing that you are able to weather any storm, no matter how ferocious, is reassuring to say the least. I’m sure if we all received more insight as we were growing up, that resilience and optimism are just two of several ‘states’ which become our most precious allies in life, perhaps our lives would unfold differently?

I don’t mean simply a positive attitude that ‘sugar coats’ the world and overflows to a state of denial- that is extremely non-productive. I am speaking of a methodology that removes fear based decisions that stifle our action, empowers us to be calmer problem solvers, ensures we become creative and solution oriented and enlightens us that our power to change and find consistent Happiness comes from within.

 Wild Banksia is here to support YOU to be the best you can be, so that you in turn make our world a better place to live as well. Gradually the content on this site will expand- it currently ranges from blog discussion dealing with internal attitudes, self-reliancy, relationship with others, examining your right to find fulfillment, universal laws which govern our lives, alternative health, stress reduction, respecting our connection to nature and optimistic vision for our future.  

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